Change is good

The banner’s gone. It brought us nothing but bad luck. Turns out it was, in fact, cursed. Who knew?

Here’s to new beginnings.

Image courtesy Fuck Yeah Toronto!

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  1. MeredithTO:


  2. William:

    My, my! Talk about culture shock. I take it all the old posts are gone? No big deal though. I live in the present. The picture is pretty.

    One comment, Navin. There is no left margin. The pic, text and responses are all butted up to the far left of the screen. It’s a little disconcerting.

    Good luck with the new site and design.

  3. Navin Vaswani:

    @ MeredithTO: Thanks. Still tinkering.

    @ William: The older posts live on at: But it was time for a change. Thanks for the heads up, though, about the site. Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance? It’s all centred, beautifully I might add, in Chrome and Firefox. I’m trying to figure out why IE is giving users trouble. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the bottom of it ASAP.

  4. SA:

    Our long nightmare is over. So long, banner.

  5. 25th Hour:

    Change is always good. That picture of Toronto is beautiful. Welcome to WordPress. You will like it.

  6. Navin Vaswani:

    @ SA: Thanks for the inspiration re: the theme. Your blog continues to amaze.

    @ 25th: Bro, thanks for the banner. From day one. For all the changes. Most appreciated.

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  8. Corey Pronman:

    There is a serious lack of Vernon Wells and Advisory Systems on this new site.

  9. Ian:

    Welcome to the new digs, sir! You’re right – change is good, time to turn the page on professional sports in Toronto. I feel your pain with the banner curse, brother. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  10. Navin Vaswani:

    @ Corey: I’d put up a Ron Wilson Hatred Advisory System, but what’s the point? Everyone hates Wilson.

    @ Ian: Thanks, mate. Here’s to the new page being better than the old one.

  11. puta experta:

    Lately, I didn’t give a great deal of consideration to leaving comments on weblog page posts and also have positioned comments even substantially less.

  12. Subha:

    Absolutely, Bryan. And you’re totally right, re: Moby Dick, and mtpheaor. I’m finding that I like it this way, because each of the characters, and Jesus, all the relationships, are so complex.

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