First world problems

As the remarkable unfolds in Egypt, with incredible journalism coming daily from the streets of Cairo, we’re reminded, once more, that sports are nothing. They’re absolutely, completely and utterly meaningless. Nothing but a diversion.

While Egyptians throw rocks, finally demanding some of what we consider to be the most basic of human rights, I’m mostly worried about Jonas Gustavsson’s mental health, now that he’s been sent to the AHL. How’s Jonas doing?

The Ack breaks it down quite reasonably: Yeah, baseball’s only a game, but when you’ve got no real grievances to air, it’s a pretty big deal that pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to spring training in less than two weeks. Who’ll be the closer? Which of the kids — Gose, Lawrie, Thames, d’Arnaud, or Stewart — will shine? What will John Farrell’s lineups look like? Can Jose Bautista do it again?

Friday night, I wasn’t out on the streets demanding the end of authoritarian rule. I just wanted the Raptors to end their 13-game losing streak. And they did. DeMar DeRozan, Sonny Weems and Amir Johnson — The Young Gunz — shot a combined 70% from the floor, on 26-for-37 shooting. Jose Calderon dropped 19 dimes, tying his own club record. For all the garbage Calderon’s been through as a Raptor, he’s always left it all on the floor. Pure class.

I might have all the democracy I can get my hands on, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine. Andrea Bargnani’s taller than Minnesota’s Kevin Love. I Googled it. Proof that rebounding isn’t all height. I wish Bargnani had more Love in him, obviously.

Bottom line: The streak’s over. Until the next one begins. Time to focus on what’s next, on what matters: Can James Reimer beat the Buffalo Sabres? In Buffalo? It’s not the long-term future of my country I’m worried about; only the instability — years! — between the pipes for the Maple Leafs.

Life is crazy.

Image courtesy Getty’s Peter Macdiarmid, via Foreign Policy.

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  1. aki berg:

    while I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek sarcasm of this article, and understand the notion of sports existing merely as a frivalous diversion, I think your thesis is misguided. your aricle presupposes egypt is some primitive, antequated society scrabbling to achieve the most basic human rights; egypt is a modern civilization, and I might counter that sports and sporting culture is of great importance in egyptian society. football (soccer,) is the national sport of egypt, and the clubs El Ahly, El Zamalek, Ismaily, El-Ittihad El-Iskandary and El Masry are teams there that have massive followings. don’t underestimate the power of sports. it is a worldwide cultural phenomenon not exclusive to western society.

  2. "Dave Schultz":

    Great post (as usual). I wish I could write half as well as you.

    @aki–I think you missed the point, I’m not sure there was any sarcasm in Navin’s post, nor did he, at any point, suggest Egypt is not a civilized society. I’m pretty damn sure someone as into sports as Navin is is well aware the power sports have in a society.

    Eeeek, sorry to logon to comment on a comment =/

  3. aki berg:

    I think you might be right, dave. I misinterpreted the tone of the article and put words in the author’s mouth. aki berg will only be posting under the condition of sobriety from here on in.

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  5. Navin Vaswani:

    Aki, I wrote the post sincerely. By “the most basic of human rights,” I mean freedom of speech. Surely I know that Egypt is not some primitive society. I spent some time in the Middle East last summer, in Amman, Jordan. Fascinating place. And I know they’re as passionate as they come about football out there.

    Schultz, thank you, as always.

  6. aki berg:

    yeah I totally misunderstood the attitude and the spirit of the article. I will read and comment more carefully and less drunkenly in the future.

  7. Alain:

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts.

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