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  1. Jeremy:

    Excellent as always. And there truly is nothing better than going to a live game and winning $50 in change in a good ol’ game of loonies! Good luck1

  2. MeredithTO:

    Is there anything better than a walk-off home run on Opening Day, in front of your home crowd? No, there isn’t. I dare you to argue otherwise.

    Walk off home run to win the World Series. Boom!

    Enjoy the game.

  3. DawsonB:

    Better then a walkoff on opening day?

    Having Lind, Bautista and Arencibia on your fantasy team.

    And gratuitous Rima Fakih shots.


    (stay hot Ricky)

  4. Navin Vaswani:

    @ Jeremy: The game ended with the hat on me, so I was net up on the evening. #winning

    @ MeredithTO: Tou-mother fucking-che! Carter and 93 forever.

    @ Dawson: You stocked up on Jays. I don’t have a single one. You know what I love about Ricky? He gets hit hard in the spring, but come April 1st, he’s ready to roll. Game on, and he dominates. Love that goddamn changeup in the dirt.

  5. DawsonB:

    I think I have eight Jays. Fuck logical thinking.

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