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Photo: The misadventures of Edwin Encarnacion

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If there’s one image that so far defines Edwin Encarnacion’s tenure as a Toronto Blue Jay, it’s that one, above. Third base or first base, it hardly matters; the baseball’s either getting by Edwin, or he’s throwing it somewhere it’s not supposed to be thrown.

Encarnacion’s rather photogenic – Edwin face has been a personal favourite for quite some time. But the photo above is, for now at least, Encarnacion’s legacy.

Some guys can’t hit. Think: Johnny Mac. Some guys can’t field, as witnessed by Eddie E’s almost unfathomable -70 UZR/150 at third base, so far in 2011. If Alex Anthopoulos, steward of the Blue Jays, truly has a responsibility to “try and win as many games as we can,” Encarnacion will never play third base again.

Yet through all of Encarnacion’s misadventures, I still can’t find it in me to refer to him as “E5.” That just seems like piling on, because no baseball player deserves such a moniker, even though Edwin probably does. I’ll stick with “Eddie E,” and continue to hope against hope that Encarnacion, somehow, puts it together in the field.

Edwin’s most recent gaffe courtesy of Getty Images, via daylife.

Written by Navin Vaswani

May 11th, 2011 at 1:10 pm

9 Responses to 'Photo: The misadventures of Edwin Encarnacion'

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  1. hahahahahahahahaaaa (deep breath) sigh.


    11 May 11 at 1:24 pm

  2. I loved Jeff Blair’s point blank question to John Farrell earlier today: “how much longer are you going to run Edwin’s glove out there?”

    Unfortunately there aren’t any other options out there. I share Meredith’s sentiment – sigh, indeed.


    11 May 11 at 3:05 pm

  3. @ Meredith: It is both funny and sigh-worthy, that picture. I love it. Edwin totally thinks he’s got that ball.

    @ Ian: Rivera’s arm in the outfield is a lot better than I expected it to be. I’d say to put him Juan in right, and Travis back in left, whenever he’s back up, and move Bautista to 3B. But how can you move Bau? He’s obviously in a zone, in every respect. But, man, how much longer can the Edwin experiment continue? He clearly is either a 1B-man or a DH, period.

    Navin Vaswani

    11 May 11 at 3:09 pm

  4. I don’t think E5 is mean-spirited. I think it’s an affectionate moniker that will last years after EE’s tenure with the team is over.

    Some day, if the Blue Jays have an “old timers” day or something, a father will shout to his kids, “Look! There’s E5! He was one of my favorite players back in the day.”


    11 May 11 at 6:50 pm

  5. At the beginning of this year I was filled with zealous optimism. Now though, I’m extremely worried about the direction the Jays are headed. They obviously weren’t going to compete this year, and I was (and am still) ok with that, but I assumed, that with a new manager and a patient approach to rebuilding, the Jays would be fierce contenders in the A.L East given a year or three, but honestly, I don’t see it right now. Their projected outfield consists of Snider-Gose-Bautista, and that isn’t a recipe for success, or at least it isn’t the way things are shaking out right now. I’ll always have a (large) place in my heart for Travis, and I still hope he will be able to contribute on the Jays one day, but from what I’ve seen between fangraphs and that terrifying fly ball chart Drew posted, I’m not feeling he’s such a sure thing anymore. I’d be ecstatic if Gose manages to produce a .260/.330/.350 line in the majors, but I don’t think he’s even close to being the Carl Crawford Lite I envisioned when AA first acquired him. I know Bautista is basically the reincarnation of Rah, but that (most likely?) wont continue into his mid-thirties. Brett Lawrie’s beautiful shiny wOBA of .419 is underlined by the scary-as-hell walk rate of 3.4%, which when coupled with the fact that this is the third consecutive year it has regressed (9.7, 7.7, 3.4), But hey, at least he’s he’s producing a career high in ISO. At Short, we have the tower of power himself Adeiny Hechavarria (If Yunel doesn’t recapture his 2009 season I want little part of him, and if he does I think he flies the coup (Yankees need a new shortstop soon ;|) ). In a little over 550 AB he has an OBP below 300, and his walk rate has never crested the 4.5 mark. I don’t care how amazing your defensive game is, that isn’t going to be good enough to compete in the A.L East (free Justin Jackson?). At second the Jays have… Kellen Sweeney? Hechavarria if Escobar stays? Move Bautista to third, Gordie Dougie to second, Snider to right and Thames to left? I don’t know if we can expect Hill to keep up this torrid pace (sigh, what could have been). I’m actually very pleased with Adam Lind at first, and the Jays have more organizational depth at Catcher then almost every team in baseball (Yankees have a fair beef with that statement). The Jays Rotation come 2013 will look something like this 1. RickRo 2. Mor(e please)row 3. Drabek 4. Stewart 5. McGuire so that’ll be a strength at least. I know the post wasn’t about the future, but I’m kind of frustrated with the way things have been going, and how things aren’t exactly looking too far up. Meh. Sorry about the above shitstorm, and I know it’s early, and I know the team is young and I know Bautista has a WAR over three (Note: Ho-Lee Shiit). I think the honeymoon with AA is over is what I’m trying to say. If you read the entire comment, sorry. It started weak and ended in a clusterfuck, kind of how I envision this rendition of the Jays ending.

    Of course if we sweep Boston, I’ll be donning the rose coloured googles again.

    Also: Fuck pitching Dotel against lefties. I’m 15 and I understand this, John. For Chrissakes.


    11 May 11 at 8:55 pm

  6. Awww. You’re so nice. I would say you’re so much nicer than me, but that’s most people. E5 it is and shall be forever more, but I’m always glad to know someone out there is optimistic and forgiving.


    12 May 11 at 9:53 am

  7. @ William: I have a hard time believing EE will go down as any Blue Jays fan’s favourite player. But crazier things have happened, I guess.

    @ DawsonB: Thanks for that comment, seriously. Was a treat to read. I certainly understand your frustration, but this season was always going to be about growing pains, and patience. It’s a long season, as they say. While I didn’t think Cecil and Snider were not going to be part of the team come May, in the long run, I don’t have a problem with those moves. Just keep telling yourself that Snider’s 23, and that most “prospects” his age don’t have a single at-bat in the bigs, while he’s had parts of three seasons, already. He’s got much to learn, that much is clear. But I think he’s worth that patience. I’m pleased with Lind at 1B, too, and it looks like he’s found his stroke again, thank God. Hill continues to frustrate. Hard to believe how far and how quickly he fell. The thing with projected lineups is that they’re just that, projections. Who knows what Gose will become; he’s a kid. Who knows what other trades might go down this season, and in the coming off-season. Once the purse-strings are loosened, does that mean a back-end veteran starter? Instead of McGuire? At the same time, there still exist the same reasons to be excited about this team, guys like Stewart, and the development of Drabek. And while I think the critics of Farrell have been a bit over the top, I’m glad the honeymoon with him and Anthopoulos is over. It’s a results oriented business at the end of the day. Anyway, now that the Jays swept the Red Sox, you’re wearing your rose-coloured glasses, and all is right in the world once again. Enjoy Bautista, and enjoy baseball. And I absolutely loved the way you ended your comment. Even a 15-year-old understands split stats. President Farrell? Not so much.

    @ ms.conduct: In this day and age of brutal nicknames, “E5″ is actually a pretty good one. That’s the sad part. But I’m going to stay true to Edwin, for at least a little while longer. I’m a sucker for hope.

    Navin Vaswani

    13 May 11 at 3:30 pm

  8. thanks for the feedback. I also completely neglected to mention the free agent market, I’m extremely interested to see how and when AA chooses to unholster his guns and aggressively attack players in the offseason (hasn’t really had reason to yet). I’m probably completely underrating defence as well, just look the Rays. From what I have read about McGuire, I am actually kinda geeked about him, read one (optimistic) comparison to John Lackey circa 2008. I’m definitely not closing the book on Farrell either, seems brilliant in his interviews.


    14 May 11 at 3:05 am

  9. That was the worst fielding performance I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying there hasn’t been worse, but it was definitely near the top. Please let’s never see him in the field again. JMac, Rivera, Nix-anyone but E3…


    21 May 11 at 3:16 pm

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